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Hiprex UTI Antibacterial Tablets

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– Hiprex should be started after you have finished treatment of your current UTI. It is important to let your Healthcare Professional know if you are taking any other treatments or over-the-counter medicines for your UTI as some medicines may lessen the effectiveness of Hiprex if taken at the same time

– Frequent use of antibiotics has the potential to make bacteria resistant, so alternatives for preventing recurrent UTIs are becoming important. If you are concerned about recurring UTIs, ask your Healthcare Professional if Hiprex is suitable for you

– The good news is there is no known treatment resistance developing with continuous use of Hiprex, so it can be taken long-term

– Some evidence to prove Hiprex is special:

  • Hiprex has been used to offer effective protection against recurrent UTIs for 50 years
  • Hiprex is a fully funded urinary tract health antibacterial
  • Hiprex is a registered general medicine
  • Supporting evidence for cranberry products has shown it to be ineffective in preventing UTIs.

– Hiprex is suitable for adults and children over the age of 6 years for protection from recurrent UTIs

– It’s also suitable for use in pregnancy but always speak to your Healthcare Professional before use

– Talk to your Healthcare Professional if you have kidney disease, liver disease, gout or severe dehydration as Hiprex is not recommended in people with these conditions

– Hiprex can be used continuously for protection from recurrent UTIs

– Recommend dose from Hiprex:

  • Adults take 1 tablet twice daily
  • Children over 6 years take half to 1 tablet twice daily

– Do not refrigerate or freeze

– Store below 25°C.


– If you are taking any prescription medicines please consult your Healthcare Professional before taking Hiprex. Talk to your Healthcare Professional if you are unsure.

– Please consult your Healthcare Professional to see if Hiprex is suitable for you

– Infrequently, people taking Hiprex have reported nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, rash and painful or difficult urination.

– Please consult your Healthcare Professional for a full list of side effects associated with Hiprex.

– Please consult your Healthcare Professional to see if Hiprex is suitable for you.



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Hexamine Hippurate 1000mg


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